Silva Screen Records will release the official soundtrack album for BBC’s natural history series Planet Earth III. The album features the music from the show, including the main themes written by Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, The Dark Knight,DuneInception), Jacob Shea (Seven Worlds One PlanetBlue Planet II) and Sara Barone (Grimcutty) and the original score composed by Shea & Barone for Bleeding Fingers Music. Bastille’s Dan Smith has collaborated with the composers on the score and his vocals are featured on the project’s opening title theme. The soundtrack is set to be released digitally and as a 2-CD set on December 8. Click here to stream/download the album and visit Amazon to order the CD version. A first track (Planet Earth III Suite) is coming out November 2 and can be checked out below. Planet Earth III is presented by Sir David Attenborough, executive produced by Mike Gunton and travels to new, previously unseen locations to explore stunning landscapes. Each episode of the 8-parter showcases new behaviors, pristine environments, and the remarkable strategies that animals have developed to survive. The series produced by BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit premiered in the UK earlier this month on BBC One and will make its U.S. debut this Saturday, November 4 on BBC America and AMC+. (Article updated on November 2 with first track)

Here’s the album track list:

Disc 1:

1. Planet Earth III Suite
2. Southern Right Whale
3. Sea Angel – Sea Devil
4. Seal vs Shark
5. Garter Snake
6. Raine Island Turtles
7. Hurricanes
8. Archer Fish
9. Flamingos

10. Hang Son Doong
11. The Underground
12. Monarch Butterflies
13. Arctic Wolves
14. Divide and Conquer
15. Seeds and Bulbs
16. Fire
17. Snow Leopard

18. Forests
19. Treehopper
20. Green Desert
21. Getting Old
22. Dhole
23. Uganda Chimps

24. The Okavango Delta
25. Holding Onto Love
26. Frog Eggs
27. Mugger Crocs
28. Goby Fish
29. Wild Dogs
30. Freshwater Canals
31. Indus River Dolphin

Disc 2:

1. Sad Santiago
2. Frog Hunters
3. Looking for a Partner
4. Operation Eagle
5. Finding Meaning
6. Northern Bald Ibis
7. Climate Change
8. Fighting with Paper

9. Urban Rhino
10. Monocled Cobra
11. Locust Surges

Ocean Deep:
12. Ocean Deep
13. Pearl Octopus
14. Mother Octopus
15. Horn Shark
16. Loggerhead
17. Hungry Sealions
18. Trapped Sealions

Deserts & Grasslands:
19. Deserts and Grasslands
20. Ostriches in the Namib
21. Bowerbirds
22. Sandstorms
23. Brave and Adaptable
24. Searching for Water
25. King of the Steppe
26. Zakouma Elephants
27. Maned Wolf