Milan Records has released a soundtrack album for the French comedy Second Round (Second tour). The album features the film’s original music composed by Christophe Julien (Bye Bye Morons, Nothing to Hide, Delicious, Farewell, Mr. Haffman, See You Up There). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here, where you can also check out the track list, where you can also check out the track list. A CD version is also being released overseas and will be available to order as an import on Amazon within the next couple of days. Listen to the composer’s title track below. Second Round is written and directed by Albert Dupontel and stars Cécile de France, Nicolas Marié and Dupontel himself. The movie follows a disgraced political journalist who is asked to follow the presidential campaign in progress and embarks on an investigation about the frontrunner, a 50-year-old heir to a powerful French family. The comedy is being released in French theaters today.