Music Box Records has announced a soundtrack album for the French animated feature The Jungle Bunch 2: World Tour (Les As de la Jungle 2 – Opération tour du monde) The album features the film’s original music composed and orchestrated by Olivier Cussac (Terra WillyEpic TailsPil) who previously scored the original 2017 movie. Also included is the composer’s score from the 2013 TV series The Jungle Bunch: To the Rescue (Les As de la Jungle à la rescousse!). The CD version of the soundtrack is now available to order on the label’s official website, where you can also check out the track list and listen to audio samples. A digital version is expected to come out within the next two weeks. The Jungle Bunch 2 is directed by Laurent Bru, Yannick Moulin & Benoît Somville and follows the title characters as they set off on a journey around the world in search of an antidote when a mysterious supervillain covers the jungle with pink foam that explodes on contact with water. The sequel will open in French theaters on August 16 and is scheduled to be released in several other international markets in the coming months. No word yet on a domestic release date.