Gardener Recordings will release a soundtrack album for the CBS drama East New York. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Pierre Charles (Inventing Anna,¬†White Coat Rebels, Story Ave). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, May 19. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the album. East New York is created by William Finkelstein & Mike Flynn and stars Amanda Warren, Kevin Rankin, Jimmy Smits, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Richard Kind,¬†Lavel Schley and Olivia Luccardi. The series centers on a newly promoted deputy inspector of East New York as she leads a diverse group of detectives and officers, some of whom are reluctant to deploy her creative methods. The drama premiered last October and just finished its series run earlier this month on CBS.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Regina Haywood (1:32)
2. Day One (1:56)
3. Cop vs Politician (0:54)
4. Stand Up Front (2:07)
5. The Chief and I (1:42)
6. Twisted Little Bastards (1:03)
7. Mercy (0:49)
8. Regina’s Ready to Talk (0:40)
9. Daddy Issues (1:30)
10. Pointed Questions (2:01)
11. Quinlan Confides in Morales (1:17)
12. Regina’s Theme (Reprise) (1:08)
13. Wyckoff Raid (1:58)
14. Morgue (1:55)
15. Quinlan Can’t Do Anything (1:00)
16. Patek Plunder (2:36)
17. Mistakes Happen (2:51)
18. Vault (2:51)
19. Morales Steps In (0:54)
20. Be Proud Of Me (0:47)
21. Collision of Ambitious Men (1:32)
22. Duane Identifies Tyson (0:49)
23. Chief Backs Regina (1:41)
24. Self Defense (Bonus) (2:27)