Bandenfilm has released a soundtrack album for the German sci-fi coming-of-age comedy drama The Ordinaries. The album features the film’s original music composed by Fabian Zeidler. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here, where you can also check out audio samples. The Ordinaries is co-written and directed by Sophie Linnenbaum and stars Fine Sendel, Jule Böwe, Henning Peker, Sira Faal, Noah Tinwa and Denise M’Baye. The movie depicts a repressive three class-society, in which a simple supporting character is about to face the most important test of her life: she has to prove she deserves to be a lead. The dramedy premiered at various film festivals over the last year and just opened in German theaters this past Thursday.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. This One Kiss (1:19)
2. Sadness (1:17)
3. Being Ordinary (0:54)
4. Paula’s Monologue (0:33)
5. Emotionen (feat. Pasquale Aleardi, Denise M’Baye & Sira) (2:40)
6. Anthem of the Epic Resistance (0:46)
7. Where They Create the Stories (1:58)
8. Gefasel Von Futuren (feat. Denise M’Baye, Sira & Pasquale Aleardi) (2:07)
10. Ordinary Love (3:42)
11. Paula’s Theme (1:35)
12. I Am You (1:26)
13. Emotionen (Gefängnis) (feat. Pasquale Aleardi) (0:33)
14. Romantic Feelings in the Rain (2:14)
15. An Extraordinary Character (2:48)
16. Interrupted Credits (0:22)
17. The Emotional Showdown Anthem (0:40)
18. Between the Cuts (1:01)
19. Emotionen (Credits) (2:42)