Composer Nima Fakhrara (The SignalBecky, The Girl in the PhotographsThe PyramidDetroit: Become Human) is reuniting with director John Hyams (Black Summer, Universal Soldier: Regeneration) on the upcoming thriller Sick. The film starring Gideon Adlon, Jane Adams, Marc Menchaca, Dylan Sprayberry & Charla Bocchicchio takes place when the country locks down due to the pandemic and follows a college student and her best friend who decide to quarantine at the family lake house alone – or so they think. Kevin Williamson (Scream, Dawson’s Creek, I Know What You Did Last Summer) co-wrote the screenplay with Katelyn Crabb based on a story by himself. Williamson is also producing the Miramax production with Bill Block (Halloween, Bad Moms, Fury) and Ben Fast. Fakhrara has previously collaborated with Hyams on the 2020 feature Alone. No release date has been announced yet for Sick.

Fakhrara has also recently scored the comedic horror thriller American Carnage directed by Diego Hallivis and starring Jenna Ortega, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, Allen Maldonado, Bella Ortiz and Eric Dane. The movie, which follows a group of undocumented immigrants who are offered an opportunity to have their charges dropped by volunteering to provide care to the elderly, will be released in select theaters and on VOD on July 15 by Saban Films.