Silva Screen Records will release a soundtrack album for the BritBox/ITV drama Professor T. The album features selections of the original music from the show composed by Hannes De Maeyer (Gangsta, The Racer, Torpedo, Rafaël, Black). The soundtrack will be released digitally on August 20, 2021 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Professor T is developed by Matt Baker & Malin-Sarah Gozin based on the Belgian series of the same title created by Paul Piedfort and stars Ben Miller, Emma Naomi, Barney White, Andy Gathergood, Sarah Woodward, Juliet Aubrey and Frances de la Tour. The 6-part drama follows a genius Cambridge University criminologist who is obsessed with cleanliness, structure and order as he advises the police. The series premiered in the UK in June on BritBox before its debut on ITV and currently airs in the U.S. every Sunday on PBS.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Professor T Main Titles (0:57)
2. Morning Routines (2:14)
3. Last Night Was Fun (2:05)
4. Chickens (1:07)
5. Chasing Robin (0:30)
6. Arresting the Suspect (1:39)
7. You Know Him? (1:03)
8. It’s No Longer For Sale (2:02)
9. T’s Tango (0:50)
10. As Your Eyes Look to God (3:10)
11. She’ll Need Her Mother Too (1:04)
12. Birthday Mrs Snares (1:24)
13. Impressive (1:31)
14. The Nature of Criminals (2:24)
15. Walking, Walking (0:51)
16. Opera di Mama (0:50)
17. Balloons (1:03)
18. Mother Arrested (1:12)
19. The Interrogation (2:39)
20. Securing the Area (1:09)
21. Revelations 17:5 (2:18)
22. Bubbles (1:05)
23. Has Prof T Anything to Do With the Missing Suspect? (1:27)
24. Police Moving In (1:19)
25. Betty, Will You Marry Me? (0:55)
26. I Believe She’s Ready (1:27)
27. Murder on Building Site (2:55)
28. Why Didn’t She Just Go To the Police? (3:49)
29. Bloody Mess (0:57)
30. The Librarian (1:04)
31. Do You Have Something To Tell Us? (1:10)
32. You Made Me Do It (2:17)
33. No Tears, No Grief, Nothing (0:54)
34. Toothbrush (0:39)
35. In the Woods (1:34)
36. Thank You, Jasper (1:06)
37. The Anatomy of a Memory (2:44)

  1. barbara says:

    Will there be a CD? Some of us do not go in for digital.

  2. Trish K says:

    What I want to hear is the old songs played on the series, though I do like the music composed for the series.

  3. caroline mary adamson says:

    I want a CD of soundtrack. is one available? Thanks

  4. musicboxer says:

    “At the restaurant, Dan waits for Lisa; A friend of hers arrives at the table; Lisa at home with her father.” The title given here is wrong! It is NOT “Io Che Non Vivo”

    -> who knows the right song, please!!? It is sung in a scene (Lisa at home with her father.) ‘…mi amore, mi amore…’: but I can’t find/google a title for it.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  5. musicboxer says:

    The title given is wrong! It is NOT “Io Che Non Vivo” ->
    “At the restaurant, Dan waits for Lisa; A friend of hers arrives at the table; Lisa at home with her father.”

    Who knows the right song, please: a spanish duet sings in these scenes!

  6. Reg Smith says:

    Is there a CD of the classical music played on the show?