Walt Disney Records has released multiple EPs and digital singles featuring the music from the first season of the Disney+ Launchpad live-action short films from a new generation of storytellers. Available to stream/download now on all major digital music platforms is a score suite from Aqsa Altaf’s American Eid composed by Siddhartha Khosla (This Is Us, Runaways, Looking for Alaska), the song Island and the score from Hao Zheng’s Dinner Is Served composed by Xue Ran Chen, the song Medio Vivo by AG from Ann Marie Pace’s Growing Fangs, Renee Goust‘s song El son del Chupa y la Chepa from Jessica Mendez Siqueiros’ The Last of the Chupacabras, the full score for Stefanie Abel Horowitz’s Let’s Be Tigers composed by Tangelene Bolton, as well as the original score from Moxie Peng’s The Little Prince(ss) composed by Robert Ouyang Rusli. Check out the covers of all soundtracks below.

  1. JackS says:

    Very good collection!