Argonaut has released a soundtrack album for the romantic comedy Sister of the Groom. The album features the film’s original score composed by Jay Lifton (How He Fell in Love, Chlorine). Also included are the songs from the movie by Lee Reitelman. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here, where you can also listen to audio samples. Sister of the Groom is written and directed by Amy Miller Gross and stars Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Julie Engelbrecht, Mathilde Ollivier, Charlie Bewley, Jake Hoffman and Mark Blum. The movie revolves around a woman who tries to put a halt to her brother’s marriage to a much younger French woman over the course of their wedding weekend in the Hamptons. The comedy was released in select theaters and on VOD this past December by Saban Films.

Here’s the album track list:

1. If I Should Ask – Mathilde Olivier (4:02)
2. Audrey’s Theme – Jay Lifton (0:38)
3. Wheel Within a Wheel – Lee Reitelman (4:11)
4. Virtual Reality with Orson – Jay Lifton (2:10)
5. Belly Hopes – Jay Lifton (0:27)
6. Secrets Kept – Jay Lifton (0:43)
7. How About a Massage? – Jay Lifton (2:11)
8. Gag Courant – Jay Lifton (0:33)
9. Secrets Overheard – Jay Lifton (0:32)
10. Hair and Makeup – Jay Lifton (0:20)
11. Blink Once – Lee Reitelman (4:17)
12. Secrets Revealed – Jay Lifton (2:02)
13. To the Dress Store – Jay Lifton (0:29)
14. Blink Once (Instrumental) – Lee Reitelman (0:28)
15. Brunching at Anthony’s (Live) – Les Voisins (1:01)
16. Get the Paper (Live) – Les Voisins (2:46)
17. Jitney Time (Live) – Les Voisins (2:18)
18. Closing the Fund – Les Voisins (1:41)
19. Que Miracle (Live) – Les Voisins (0:52)
20. Sweet, Sweet – Les Voisins (2:27)
21. Fear Eats the Soul (Live) – Les Voisins (3:15)
22. All over Again (Live) – Lee Reitelman (1:55)
23. Blink Once (Reprise) – Lee Reitelman (1:33)
24. We Arrive at the Beach – Jay Lifton (0:55)
25. Couldn’t I – Lee Reitelman (2:30)
26. Taking No Chances – Lee Reitelman (3:06)
27. Audrey’s Theme (Reprise) – Jay Lifton (1:54)
28. East End Rush (Live) – Les Voisins (2:10)

  1. Bea says:

    Does anybody know what’s the name of the song while people are dancing at the wedding, right after the scene where Alicia Silverstone’s character finishes arguing with her husband and we see the camera panning over the dancing guests, then reaching the father of the groom talking with the sales lady from the store – I tried with Shazam but it doesn’t recognize it. It’s a fast-paced beat, not listed in the original soundtrack, nor in the end credits of the movie. Please help!

  2. AliBee says:

    The name of the song you’re referring to is Good Timing by Josh Powell. You can find it on YouTube.