The full details of the soundtrack album for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon original series Too Old to Die Young have been revealed. The album features the film’s original music composed by Cliff Martinez (Traffic, Solaris, Sex, Lies & Videotapes, Contagion, Game Night) who previously scored Winding Refn’s features Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon. Also included are songs by Goldfrapp, The Leather Nun, Frankie Miller & others. The soundtrack will be released on June 14 by Milan Records and is now available for pre-order on Amazon (CD version). A vinyl version (set to come out on June 28) is available for pre-order here.Too Old to Die Young is written by Winding Refn (who also directed all episodes) & Ed Brubaker and stars Miles Teller, Billy Baldwin, Jena Malone and John Hawkes. The full series will premiere on June 14 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Naked Guy Murder (2:22)
2. Starlight Cantina (2:38)
3. No Smoking Allowed Here (3:44)
4. Larry Was a Family Man (5:35)
5. Why Does Damian Have a Problem with You (1:54)
6. Kill Me Fast and Clean (4:10)
7. I Hereby Give You Yaritza (4:18)
8. Mothers Favorite Skirt (3:48)
9. Get Some Ice Cream (2:02)
10. Jesus and the Snake (3:16)
11. High Priestess of Death (6:57)
12. I’m Hunting (3:35)
13. I Got Time (2:36)
14. Viggo and Diana (3:15)
15. Some Complications (2:20)
16. Walking to the Girl in the Ground (1:51)
17. I Can’t Dig Her Out (3:16)
18. I’m Not Going to Hurt You (1:52)
19. Death by Golf Club (1:15)
20. Summassault – Julian Winding (4:32)
21. Oh La La – Goldfrapp (3:24)
22. F.F.A. – The Leather Nun (5:55)
23. I Put the Blue in Her Eyes – Frankie Miller (2:42)
24. Elvis and Marilyn – Jimmy Angel & The Jason Gutierrez 3 (4:00)
25. La Alta Sacerdota de la Muerto – Carolina Hoyos (2:42)