The full details of the soundtrack album for Paolo Sorrentino’s biographical drama Loro have been revealed. The album features the film’s original music composed by Lele Marchitelli who has previously scored the director’s The Great Beauty. Also included are songs by Sergio Bruni, Fink, Nicone & Sascha Braener, YACHT, Villagers & Nico Muhly, The Stooges, Sol Rising & more. The soundtrack is set to be released overseas on May 25 and is now available as an import on Amazon. A release in the U.S. is for later this year (click here to download). Loro is co-written and directed by Sorrentino and stars Toni Servillo as media mogul and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak, Euridice Axen and Fabrizio Bentivoglio are co-starring. The drama was split into two parts for its release in Italian theaters with the first part now playing in theaters and the second part opening later this month. No word yet on a domestic release date.

Here’s the album track list (Italian version):

Disc 1:

1. Scetate – Sergio Bruni
2. The Spanish – Lele Marchitelli
3. Cold Feet – Fink
4. Barely Breathing – Tom Szirtes
5. Arabian Party – Ilenia Bianchi
6. Oriental Performance – Sumi Jo
7. Bad Luck – Mooryc
8. Caje (feat. Narra) – Nicone & Sascha Braener
9. Le Goudron (Long Version) – YACHT
10. Happened – Perera Elsewhere
11. Fortunate Child – Villagers & Nico Muhly
12. Na gelosia – Toni Servillo
13. I Walk Away – Lele Marchitelli
14. The Real Truth – Lele Marchitelli
15. Domenica bestiale – Fabio Concato

Disc 2:

1. Down on the Street – The Stooges
2. Interception – Lele Marchitelli
3. It’s Happening Again – Agnes Obel
4. Social Relations – Lele Marchitelli
5. Congo Diana – Lele Marchitelli
6. Calling You (feat. Christina Corone) – Tom Szirtes
7. Sad Party – Lele Marchitelli
8. Vigil V – Richard J. Birkin
9. Vulcano – Lele Marchitelli
10. I Like You / I Lied to You – Dena
11. Never Forget You – Noisettes
12. The Journey – Sol Rising
13. The Sea Whistle – Elena Somare
14. The Best Seller – Lele Marchitelli
15. Two in one – Lele Marchitelli
16. Veronica – Lele Marchitelli
17. Warmth – Peter Gregson

  1. kim min says:

    Song title question.
    Loro 2018 Movies….
    Movie Playing Time 01 hours:45 minutes What is the title of the song that the DJ sang at the party scene…?
    It was a Spanish song.
    Tjank you.