Marc Chouarain is reuniting with Melanie Laurent on the upcoming thriller Galveston. The film is written and directed by Laurent and stars Ben Foster, Elle Fanning, Beau Bridges, Adepero Aduye, Lili Reinhart, Maria Valverde, Robert Aramayo and C.K. McFarland. The movie is based on the novel by Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) and follows a hitman who rescues a young prostitute and flees with her to Galveston, Texas, where the two find strength in each other as dangerous pursuers and the shadows of their pasts follow close behind. Tyler Davidson (Take Shelter, Compliance) is producing the project. Chouarain has previously scored Laurent’s 2014 feature Breathe (Respire). His other scoring credits include the French comedies Serial (Bad) Weddings and Joséphine. Galveston will premiere in March at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival.

  1. david youhas says:

    Excellent movie! Heartbroken how it goes down. I am looking for the piano ballad they play twice in the movie. At the beach and again at the end at the beach. I looked at film credits and looked at all the songs listed, searched and listened on itunes. Could not find that song. Any idea? Thanks

    • Dan Fleming says:

      You will find that piano piece by Mark Chouarain on Amazon music. The album is entitled Reprise- by Mark Chouarain. And it is the first cut on this album. Reprise (Extrait de la bande originale du film). ENJOY!