louWalt Disney Records will release the soundtrack for the new Pixar Animation Studios short Lou. The release features the film’s original music composed by Christophe Beck (FrozenPapermanThe Peanuts MovieTrollsAnt-ManEdge of TomorrowThe Hangover). The soundtrack will be released as a digital single tomorrow, June 16 and will be available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio clips. Lou marks the directorial debut of animator Dave Mullins (Monsters Inc.Finding NemoThe Incredibles) who also wrote the screenplay and revolves around a red hooded monster named Lou, who lives in the “Lost & Found” box, and tries to stop a bully named J.J. from destroying his classmates’ beloved toys. The animated short is playing in front of Pixar’s Cars 3, which is opening in theaters nationwide this weekend.

Here’s the track list of the single:

1. Suite from “Lou” (5:03)
2. “Lou” End Credits (0:40)