war-machineLakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for the satire War Machine. The album features the film’s original music composed by Nick Cave Warren Ellis (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordHell or High WaterLawlessThe Proposition). Also included are four tracks by electronic music artist Roedelius. The soundtrack will be released digitally on May 26, 2017 (click here to download) and physically a couple of weeks later. Visit Amazon to pre-order the CD. War Machine is directed by David Michod (Animal KingdomThe Rover) and stars Brad Pitt, Topher Grace, Emory Cohen, Tilda Swinton, Anthony Michael Hall, Will Poulter, Jonathan Ing and Ben Kingsley. The movie is based on the book The Operatorsby Michael Hastings and follows a four-star U.S. military general who is sent to Afghanistan to bring the war to an end, but finds he himself is the one under attack. The film will be released globally on May 26, 2017 on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Ah America (1:14)
2. Humble Man (3:22)
3. The Bubble (3:20)
4. The Civilian Executive (1:58)
5. In Liebe Dein – Roedelius (3:44)
6. Badi Basim (1:24)
7. Kamee – Roedelius (3:41)
8. The Moon Landing (0:43)
9. Our Noise (0:58)
10. Fabelwein – Roedelius (5:05)
11. Jeanie (1:28)
12. NY Snow Globe – Rachel’s (2:28)
13. Thousands of Parades, All Over America (5:04)
14. Marjah (3:18)
15. Staunen im Fjord – Roedelius (3:36)
16. The Hand of Helping (1:57)
17. Be Lovely (2:55)
18. A Page In the History Books (2:36)
19. War Machine (3:03)