stanley-irisVarese Sarabande has announced the latest titles in its CD club series, including a deluxe edition for the 1990 drama Stanley & Iris directed by Martin Ritt and starring Robert DeNiro and Jane Fonda. The album features the film’s original music composed and conducted by John Williams (Star WarsJurassic ParkRaiders of the Lost ArkE.T. The Extraterrestrial). Also included is the world premiere release of Williams’ score for the 1972 drama Pete ‘N’ Tillie directed by Ritt and starring Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett. Visit the label’s official website to check out the full album details, to listen to audio samples and to order the CD, which is limited to 3000 copies.

under-siegeThe label has also announced a deluxe edition soundtrack for the 1995 action thriller Under Siege 2: Dark Territory directed by Geoff Murphy and starring Steven Seagal. The album features the film’s expanded original score composed and conducted by Basil Poledouris (Conan the BarbarianRoboCopStarship TroopersFor the Love of the Game), including over 45 minutes of previously unreleased music. For the full details of the soundtrack, which is limited to 2000 copies, visit Varese’s official website, where you can also check out audio clips. Also announced today is a reissue of the soundtrack for Walt Disney Pictures’ 1985 drama The Black Cauldron featuring music by Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent SevenGhostbustersTo Kill a Mockingbird). Click here for more information.