midnight-sunA soundtrack album has been released for the French/Swedish thriller series Midnight Sun. The album features selections from the show’s original music composed by Nathaniel Mechaly (Taken series, Colombiana, Transporter: The Series, The Grandmaster). Also included are tracks by Sofia Jannok and Björn Stein. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Midnight Sun is directed by Mans Marlind & Bjorn Stein (The Bridge) and stars Leila Bekhti and Gustaf Hammarsten. The drama follows a French detective who teams up with a Swedish detective to investigate the bestial murder of a French citizen in a remote mining community in the far north of Sweden. The show’s first season recently premiered in France and Sweden.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Midnight Sun Opening Credits (feat. Maxida Märak) (0:55)
2. Belleville, Paris (2:11)
3. Wandering in Winter (feat. Milla Brune) (3:05)
4. Kahina has a Direction (I Was a Rock Star) (feat. Rachel Claudio) 6:09)
5. Sami Legends (2:38)
6. Chasing Jori (4:41)
7. Anders (1:24)
8. A Sami Lullaby (feat. Gaëlle Méchaly) (2:33)
9. Sparen’s Boat (1:54)
10. Kahina Chasing Kambo (feat. Leila Bekhti) (3:32)
11. Remembering Marseille (2:19)
12. About Ten Years Ago (feat. Sofia Jannok) (6:25)
13. Noaidi Hymn – Björn Stein (3:15)
14. The Sun (1:34)
15. Kahina Upset (feat. Leila Bekhti & Rachel Claudio) (2:31)
16. Back to the Office (2:12)
17. The Mine (1:45)
18. The 22 (3:02)
19. Colonizer (CUDIT) – Sofia Jannok (5:19)
20. Jaimie (1:26)
21. Kiruna to Paris (1:37)
22. Haywire (Resolution) (feat. Rachel Claudio) (4:24)