the-red-turtleIDOL and Quartet Records will release a soundtrack album for the animated feature The Red Turtle. The album features the film’s original music composed by Laurent Perez Del Mar (ZarafaFears of the Dark). The soundtrack will be released overseas this Friday, June 24 and in the U.S. later this year or in early 2017. Visit Amazon to download the album and to check out audio samples. The Red Turtle is directed by Michael Dudok de Wit and follows the major life stages of a castaway on a deserted tropical island populated by turtles, crabs and birds. The movie marks the first international co-production of Studio Ghibli (Spirited AwayPrincess Mononoke) and is also produced by Wild Bunch. The animated feature premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section and will be released in France on June 29. Sony Pictures Classics has picked up domestic distribution rights and will release the movie later this year.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Love in the Sky
2. Flying with the Turtles
3. The Girl
4. The Tsunami
5. White Hair
6. She Is Dead
7. The Baby
8. Despair
9. Baby’s Fall
10. L’au revoir
11. The First Raft
12. The Red Turtle
13. I Will Stay with You
14. The Fall
15. The Dream
16. I’ve Found Dad
17. Where Is She?
18. He Has to Go
19. Anger
20. Second Raft

  1. SDH says:

    Wow. Definitely looking forward to the movie and the score!

  2. Carol Doyle says:

    This beautiful film restores my faith in humanity.

  3. Carey says:

    Like all of the Studio Ghibli output, the animation storylines always serve as something of an allegory for the nation of its originator. Like a heavily-sauced takoyaki purchased street-level , or a generous okonomiyaki enjoyed from a Dotonbori vantage point, one viewing is just never enough and you sense that you have barely scratched the surface of a place with hidden depths that are all worth the effort in plumbing. Wonderful.