brief-history-in-timeOrange Mountain Music will release a soundtrack album for Errol Morris’ 1991 documentary A Brief History of Time. The album is the world premiere soundtrack release of the film’s original music composed by Academy Award nominee Philip Glass (The HoursNotes on a ScandalThe Illusionist, Cassandra’s Dream) who previously collaborated with the director on The Thin Blue Line and later scored his 2003 feature The Fog of War The soundtrack will be released digitally on February 10, 2015 and is now available for pre-order on iTunes, where you can also listen to audio clips. A Brief History of Time is based on Stephen Hawking’s bestselling novel and centers on the pioneering astrophysicist whose affliction by a debilitating motor neuron disease has left him without a voice or the use of his limbs and examines the way the collapse of Hawking’s body has been accompanied by the untrammeled broadening of his imagination. The documentary is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Here’s the album track list:

1. A Brief History of Time Title (1:29)
2. Mysterious No.4 (3:36)
3. Bombs with Fidelity (2:22)
4. Slow, Simple, Sad 3 (3:54)
5. Mysterious No.1 (2:43)
6. Slow, Simple, Sad No.4 (3:57)
7. Mysterious No.2 (2:42)
8. Hawking Radiation (1:42)
9. Bombs (2:47)
10. Dice (2:11)
11. Hawking Radiation with Brass (1:43)
12. Climbing the Stairs (1:23)
13. End with Strings Trumpets (2:17)
14. Melody in Major (3:10)
15. Signature (2:54)
16. Utility No.1 (3:32)
17. House (2:06)
18. Closing No.1 (3:26)
19. End Credit with Arpeggio and Brass (2:11)
20. End Credit Major and Minor (4:48)