sons-of-libertyPremiering tonight is the History original mini-series Sons of Liberty directed by Kari Skogland and starring Ben Barnes, Rafe Spall, Michael Raymond-James, Henry Thomas, Ryan Eggold, Marton Csokas, Emily Berrington, Dean Norris and Jason O’Mara. Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, The Lion King, Inception, Gladiator) has composed the series’ title theme. Sons of Liberty follows John Adams, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren as they band together in secrecy to change the course of history and make America a nation. The 3-parter will air tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday on History. To learn more about the project, visit the official series website.

beautiful-and-twistedPremiering on Saturday, January 31, is the Lifetime original movie Beautiful & Twisted  executive produced by Rob Lowe & Judith Verno and starring Lowe, Paz Vega and Candice Bergen. The film’s original music is composed by Nathan Whitehead (The Purge, The Last Ship, To the Gun). Beautiful & Twisted tells the true story of Ben Novack Jr., millionaire heir to the Fountainebleau Miami Beach hotel fortune, whose brutal murder shook the city’s elite to the core. For more information about the film, visit the official Lifetime website.