queen-of-the-nightMychael Danna is currently scoring the upcoming psychological thriller Queen of the Night. The film is directed by Atom Egoyan and stars Ryan Reynolds, Mireille Enos, Bruce Greenwood, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson and Kevin Durand. The movie follows a father of an abducted child who finds a series of clues that convince him that the girl is still alive. Egoyan has co-written the screenplay with David Fraser and is also producing the Ego Film Arts and The Film Farm production with Simone Urdl & Jennifer Weiss (Away from HerRedaction) and Stephen Traynor. Danna has previously scored all of Egoyan’s major features of the last two decades including The Sweet Hereafter, Exotica, Where the Truth Lies, ChloeArarat and Felicia’s JourneyQueen of the Night is currently in post-production. No word yet on a premiere date of the film.

As previously reported, Danna has also scored Egoyan’s drama Devil’s Knot starring Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. It has just been announced this week that the film will be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.