the-salamanderPrometheus Records and Tadlow Music have announced the world premiere recording of the complete score for the 1981 thriller The Salamander directed by Peter Zinner and starring Franco Nero, Anthony Quinn, Martin Balsam, Sybil Dannng, Christopher Lee, Eli Wallach and Claudia Cardinale. The music composed by Jerry Goldsmith has been newly recorded in by the 85-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and 80-voice Choir conducted by Nic Raine. Also featured on the album as two bonus tracks are two concert suites from Goldsmith’s score for The Cassandra Crossing and Ransom. Check out a video from the score reconstruction recording sessions after the jump and visit Tadlow Music’s website for more information on the album.

Here’s the album track list:

1.The Salamander “Main Titles” (1:44)
2.Funeral: Requiem for a General (2:38)
3.Woodpecker / Neo-Facist Training / Lawyers / Dead People (2:38)
4.Dante Runs Upstairs / The Surgeon (01:22)
5.Dante and Lili (2:28)
6.The Car Chase (1:40)
7.Island Adventure (5:25)
8.Dante / Zurich / Lili(4:14)
9.Manzini / Assassination Attempt (2:14)
10.Photographs / Steffi’s Abduction (2:22)
11.Steffis’s Dead / The Mortuary (2:19)
12.Car Bomb / Torture / Death of the Surgepm (3:49)
13.Phone Call to Lili / The Forest (2:11)
14.The Guests Arrive / After the Show Ended (2:34)
15.Goodbyes & “End Titles” (5:34)

Bonus Tracks

16.The Cassandra Crossing – Concert Suite (5:45)
(Main Titles / The Climber)
17.Ransom – Concert Suite (8:12)
(Sky Chaser / Main Theme)