lecumedesjoursMercury Records will release a soundtrack album for Michel Gondry’s fantasy drama Mood Indigo (L’ecume des jours). The album features the film’s original score composed by Étienne Charry. Also included is the original song Mais, Aime La by Loane, a number of jazz standards by Duke Ellington, Shanklin Ray’s Bertha’s Thème from Fritz the Cat, as well as other songs from the film by Scaggs Boz, The Lumineers and Mia Doi Todd. The soundtrack will be released in France on April 22, 2013. No word yet on a domestic release. Mood Indigo marks Gondry’s first French language feature and stars Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh and Omar Sy. The film  follows an inventor who meets and falls for a woman who gets sick after their nuptials with an affliction that can only be treated by surrounding her with flowers. The movie will be released in France on April 24. No domestic distribution deal has been announced yet.

Here’s the album track list:

Disc 1:

1. Take the ‘A’ Train – Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
2. Lowdown – Scaggs Boz
3. Caravan – Elmaleh Gad
4. Bertha’s Thème – Shanklin Ray
5. Chlo-e (Song of the Swamp) – Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra
6. Sophisticated Lady – Few Bobby
7. Ave amour
8. The Mood to Be Wooed – Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra
9. Chlo-e
10. Spring – Mia Doi Todd
11. Misa Flamenca – 1. kyrie – Pepe “El Culata”
12. African Flowers – Duke Ellington
13. Mais, Aime La – Loane
14. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
15. Ghost Surfer – Cascadeur

Disc 2:

1. Souris blessee
2. The rest of my life
3. Nenufin
4. Chick voleur
5. Tunnel declaration
6. Conference
7. Souris pilule
8. Adieux
9. Ombre
10. Mangemanche usine
11. Recherche travail
12. Adieu chloe
13. Retour
14. Courses cloches
15. Telegramme forum
16. Fleuriste
17. Preparation
18. Nenudis
19. Chloe colin ave
20. Surf patinoire
21. Funeraires
22. Chamallow patinoire
23. Chloe colin
24. Aquatisation
25. Chaussures fete
26. Jazz party
27. On a l’adresse mais pas le bonhomme – Murtin Pascale
28. Nenu 3
29. Nenu 4 prehistorique
30. Nuage