‘Act of Valor’ Score Album Details

Posted: February 11, 2012 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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Relativity Music Group will be releasing a score album for the war movie Act of Valor. The soundtrack includes the original score from the film by composer Nathan Furst (Dust to Glory). The album will be released digitally on February 21, 2012 and will be available to download on Amazon. Check out audio clips from all tracks on the album, as well as a preview of a full score track after the jump. A separate soundtrack album featuring the movie’s country songs is also being released on the same date as reported here. Act of Valor directed by Scott Waugh & Mike “Mouse” McCoy stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALs, as well as Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle and Nestor Serrano. The movie will be released on February 24 by Relativity Media. For more information about the film, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Ethos
2. Act of Valor
3. Cristo
4. Bonfire
5. Saying Goodbye/Torturing Morales
6. Night Drop
7. Swcc Boats
8. Covert Infil
9. Exfil Now
10. Contact Rear
11. The Calm After
12. Shibal’s Vest
13. African Recon
14. Infil Cedros Island
15. Kill Box
16. El Centro Cartel
17. Milk Factory
18. Warrior’s End
19. Engle’s Legacy (Funeral)
20. Damn Few

  1. Samsonite78 says:

    EXCELLENT news! SO excited about this film. A lot of talk amongst the film music crowd about this score. Furst seems to be one of these composers who bursts on the scene and can actually deliver the goods. We’ll see…

  2. venomousgirl17 says:

    Please tell me that they are going to sell this on actual CDs as well! I don’t want to have to buy the whole thing digital I like hard copies if I get all the songs.