Robert Folk has recently scored the epic historical drama There Be Dragons: Secrets of Passion. The film directed by Roland Joffé (The Mission) and produced by James Ordonez stars Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley, Dougray Scott, Rodrigo Santoro, Derek Jacobi and Olga Kurylenko. The movie is set during the Spanish Civil War and revolves around two childhood friends who became separated during the political conflict to find themselves on opposite sides as war erupts. As reported earlier this year, Stephen Warbeck has scored the original version of There Be Dragons that was released in theaters this past May. Folk has written the music for a recut version of the drama, which will be released under the title There Be Dragons: Secrets of Passion. A soundtrack album featuring the composer’s large orchestral and choral score is planned for a release in the first quarter of 2012 by Varese Sarabande, both on CD and on iTunes. The details of the album will be published on this site as soon as they are announced.

  1. Camille says:

    Hi! I believe the producer was Ignacio Gomez Sancha? 🙂

    And I was hoping Morricone would do the score! But Robert Folk it is. Excited to hear it.

  2. Rosie says:

    This film is now showing in Australia: 🙂

  3. david says:

    Stephen Warbeck’s music in the original There Be Dragons was extraordinarily beautiful- is there a soundtrack of his original score available on CD?