Varese Sarabande has announced the newest titles in their CD Club series. Among the new releases is a deluxe edition of Marco Beltrami‘s score for Wes Craven’s original Scream film. Only about 12 minutes of music from the horror movie has previously been released on a compilation with the sequel’s score. The new album features more than an hour of music from the film, which introduced Beltrami to a wider audience. One track on the CD is credited to Christophe Beck, who also was just starting out at the time of the film’s release. The album is limited to 2000 copies and is now available to pre-order on Varese’s website, where you can see the full track list and listen to audio clips from the soundtrack. Scream was released in 1996 and it’s cast included Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy and Drew Barrymore.

The label is also releasing the new compilation album The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Volume 1, which features music from the classic television series composed by Bernard Herrmann. The 2-CD set includes eight scores by the composer that were never released before. The set features the complete scores for the episodes
A Home Away From Home, You’ll Be The Death of Me, Nothing Ever Happens In Linvale, Behind The Locked Door, Body In The Barn, Change of Address, Water’s Edge and The McGregor Affair, as well as the 8-bassoon Herrmann arrangement of Gounod’s Funeral March Of A Marionette. The album is limited to 3000 copies. To order the soundtrack and to listen to audio clips, visit Varese’s webpage.

Also among the new CD Club titles is the premiere CD release of David Newman‘s score for the 1987 horror comedy My Demon Lover. The score was one of Newman’s first efforts. The album is limited to 1000 copies and can be pre-ordered and previewed on Varese Sarabande’s website. My Demon Lover is directed by Charlie Loventhal and stars Scott Valentine, Michel Little, Arnold Johnson and Robert Trebor.

Finally, the label has also released a CD and DVD set of the Jerry Goldsmith 80th Birthday Tribute Concert, which was recorded at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival Fimucite 3 in 2009. The music was performed by the Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir and conducted by Mark Snow and Diego Navarro. Scores features on the release include Star Trek: First Contact, Capricorn One, The Illustrated Man, Planet of the Apes, The Sum of All Fears, Poltergeist, The Swarm, Gremlins, The Omen, The Final Conflict and Total Recall. The set is limited to 2000 copies. For audio clips and more information on the set, visit Varese’s online store.