UPDATE (May 29, 2011): The release date for physical CD version of the X-Men: First Class soundtrack has been pushed back a week to June 28, 2011, but a digital release will be available to download on May 31 on Amazon. Check out the audio clips from all tracks on the album below.

Sony Masterworks has revealed the details for the upcoming soundtrack release for X-Men: First Class. The album features 20 tracks of Henry Jackman‘s original score for the comic book adaptation. The album will be released on June 21, 2011 and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon. As reported earlier this month, the album is listed to be released overseas on June 6, 2011 at the moment (check out the alternate cover art below). X-Men: First Class directed by Matthew Vaughn tells the origin story of the characters of the X-Men series including Magneto and Professor X. The film’s cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence and Rosamunde Pike. For more information on the movie, which will be released on June 3, visit the official movie webpage.

Here’s the track list of the soundtrack:

1. First Class
2. Pain and Anger
3. Would You Date Me?
4. Not That Sort Of Bank
5. Frankenstein’s Monster
6. What Am I thinking
7. Cerebro
8. Mobilise For Russia
9. Rise Up To Rule
10. Cold War
11. X-Training
12. Rage and Serenity
13. To Beast Or Not To Beast
14. True Colours
15. Let Battle Commence
16. Sub Lift
17. Coup d’État
18. Mutant and Proud
19. X-Men
20. Magneto

Here’s the alternate cover art:

  1. rawand says:

    HEY what happened to Love Love by Take That????

  2. rave says:

    That’s a really fantastic soundtrack, can’t wait for it to be released.