Anthony Willis (Saltburn, Promising Young WomanM3GANHow to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming) has recently recorded his score for the upcoming revenge thriller Violent Ends. The film is written and directed by John-Michael Powell (The Send-Off) and stars Billy Magnussen, Alexandra Shipp, Nick Stahl, Kate Burton, James Badge Dale and Ray McKinnon. The movie is set in the Ozark mountains and revolves around an honest man brought up in a crime family who tries to make his own life with his fiancée, when he is suddenly pulled back into the family business he so despises when his cousin perpetrates an armed robbery and an innocent life is caught in the crossfire. Midnight Road’s Vincent Sieber (The Hive) is producing the project with Undine Buka. Violent Ends is currently in post-production. No word yet on a release date.