Silva Screen Records has announced a soundtrack album for the sci-fi fantasy adventure The Primevals. The album features the film’s original music composed by Richard Band (Re-AnimatorFrom BeyondTroll, Puppet Master, Exorcism at 60’000 FeetGhoulies). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, March 8 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. A CD and vinyl edition is also in the works. Visit Amazon to pre-order the CD version (to be released on May 3) Listen to the composer’s end titles track below. The Primevals is co-written and directed by stop-motion animator David Allen, produced by Charles Band and stars Juliet Mills, Leon Russom, Richard Joseph Paul, Walker Brandt and Robert Cornthwaite. The movie, which Allen developed over several decades and was completed after his death in 1999, follows a doctor who leads an expedition into the mountains to track down a group of abominable snowmen. The Full Moon Features production premiered at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival and will be released in Alamo Drafthouse theaters as a one-night-only event this coming Monday, March 11.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The Gale and Mountain Shack / Battling the Yeti / Main Title (7:23)
2. Dr. Collier’s Announcement (1:05)
3. Unveiling the Yeti (1:19)
4. Matt and Dr. Collier (1:32)
5. They Talk / The Expedition (5:28)
6. Rondo Agrees to the Expedition (3:02)
7. Meeting Cathleen / Kiku (1:02)
8. Pushing On / Yeti Tracks (1:35)
9. Awakened by a Yeti / Kiku (1:34)
10. The Tower / Earthquake (2:08)
11. The Cave / A New Land (2:35)
12. Rafting Down the River (1:55)
13. The Hominid Village (1:05)
14. Matt Hears Villagers Screaming (0:54)
15. The Hominid Confrontation (1:06)
16. The Wrecked Village / Onwards (2:27)
17. Entering the Caves (1:33)
18. Huge Spaceship Discovery (1:46)
19. The Spaceship / Inside the Spaceship (4:08)
20. The Abduction (1:21)
21. In the Cages (2:26)
22. Taken to “The Arena” (2:43)
23. The Lizard Arena Show (1:54)
24. The Yeti is Released (3:01)
25. Escaping the Cages / The Yeti Helps the Escape Part 1 (5:01)
26. The Yeti Helps the Escape Part 2 / Matt Has a Plan (5:53)
27. Dr. Collier Dies & Finale (3:46)
28. End Titles (3:05)