Madison Gate Records will release a soundtrack album for the British horror thriller Out of Darkness. The album features the film’s original music composed by Adam Janota Bzowski (Saint Maud, The Marsh King’s Daughter, Black Mirror: Loch Henry, Here Before). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, February 9 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Listen to the composer’s first track (In the Beginning) below. Out of Darkness is directed by Andrew Cumming and stars Chuku Modu, Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young, Iola Evans, Luna Mwezi and Arno Lüning. The movie is set 45,000 years in the past and follows a disparate gang of early humans who band together in search of a new land, when a malevolent, mystical being is hunting them down. The thriller premiered at the 2022 BFI London Film Festival (under the title The Origin) and is being released in theaters nationwide this weekend by Bleecker Street and will open in UK theaters on February 23.

Here’s the album track list:

1. In the Beginning (1:40)
2. A Promised Land (3:32)
3. Mountains (1:21)
4. Three Days (4:43)
5. We’ll Go Around (2:27)
6. Whatever I Need (1:35)
7. Can You Hear Me? (1:16)
8. Tracking (1:46)
9. The Forest (2:20)
10. Blood Pit (2:50)
11. White Spear (1:03)
12. Do Something (1:34)
13. We’ve Got Something to Eat Now (2:42)
14. A Friend for Supper (0:50)
15. It Cannot Be Hunted (1:38)
16. Circular Day (2:48)
17. I Am Wisdom (2:22)
18. Aurora Borealis (2:26)
19. The Demon (4:15)
20. We Have No Choice (1:57)
21. Choke (0:47)
22. The Cave (3:30)
23. Like Us (3:18)
24. 45,000 Years (5:04)