Sky Music has released a soundtrack album for the Sky original documentary series Inside Greenpeace. The album features selections of the show’s original score composed by Sebastian Fillenberg (Blame Game, A Dysfunctional Cat, Wolke unterm Dach) & Marvin Miller (The Teachers’ Lounge, Balloon, Jim Button and the Wild 13, I Was, I Am, I Will Be). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and most other major digital music services. Listen to the composers’ first track (The World of Greenpeace) below. Inside Greenpeace is executive produced by Matthias Ebel, Jochen Köstler & Nico Gammella, produced by Valentin Thurn & Florian Schneider and follows a group of activists and campaigners working for the world’s best-known environmental organization worldwide up close for over a year on their mission to save the planet. The 5-part series premiered in German-language Sky markets last fall and is expected to debut in other territories soon.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The World of Greenpeace (0:50)
2. Glasgow (1:13)
3. Brent Spar (4:05)
4. Chestnut Tree (1:27)
5. Manaus (1:13)
6. They Are Shooting at Us (1:06)
7. World Park Antarctica (1:37)
8. Greenpeace International (1:33)
9. Blue Hole Mission (1:33)
10. No Results (2:30)
11. Muoni (2:12)
12. Nuclear Threat (3:24)
13. Arctic 30 (2:23)
14. Collecting Evidence (1:55)
15. Ross Island (1:49)
16. Amchitka (1:25)
17. Chernobyl (2:03)
18. Courage (2:33)
19. Sea Shepherd (2:12)
20. Breathtaking Beauty (1:34)
21. Urgency (1:05)
22. Ending (1:06)