Lakeshore Records will release the official soundtrack album for the musical drama Flora and Son. The album features the songs from the movie written by Gary Clark (Sing Street) & director John Carney (OnceBegin Again) and performed by cast members Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Orén Kinlan, as well as several score tracks. The soundtrack will be released digitally on September 15 (visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download). A first song (High Life performed by Hewson & Kinlan) is already available to stream/download now and can be checked out below and a second single (Meet in the Middle by Gordon-Levitt & Hewson) will be coming out on September 13. Flora and Son is written and directed by Carney and revolves around a single mom at war with her teenage son who rescues a beat-up guitar from a dumpster to find him a hobby. The movie premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will be released in select theaters on September 15 before making its debut on September 22 on Apple TV+. (Article updated on September 15 with cover art and purchase link).

Here’s the album track list:

1. Guitar Repair – Gary Clark (0:45)
2. I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You – Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2:29)
3. Abra Da Cabra – Gary Clark (2:40)
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt (0:57)
5. Dublin07 – Eve Hewson & Oren Kinlan (1:46)
6. Juanita – Eve Hewson (1:12)
7. Shopping Mall – Gary Clark (0:53)
8. Welcome to L.A. – Joseph Gordon-Levitt (1:33)
9. I’ll Be the One – Adam Hunter (2:35)
10. Crumlin to L.A. – Jack Reynor & Gary Clark (4:38)
11. Meet in the Middle – Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Eve Hewson (3:07)
12. Rooftop – Gary Clark (2:06)
13. Court – Gary Clark (1:32)
14. Montage – Gary Clark & John Carney (2:52)
15. Flora Watches Max – Gary Clark (1:02)
16. High Life – Eve Hewson & Oren Kinlan (4:32)
17. Talking to You – Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2:23)
18. The Best Day – Adam Hunter (2:48)