Family Band Productions has released a soundtrack album for the documentary The Ark of Lilburn. The album features the film’s original music composed by Jordan Bennett. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Apple Music/iTunes and most other major digital music services. The Ark of Lilburn is directed by Nicholas DeKay and follows Lowe Porter, the owner of the multimillion dollar steel company Porter Steel, and his son Cole Porter, VP of Porter Steel, as they try to realize their dream of transporting their 55 foot long, 19 foot high, 130,000 pound steel yacht The Hardship from Lilburn, GA to Knoxville, TN down to it’s final destination in Tampa, FL. The documentary is being released on VOD today Gravitas Ventures and will also be available to purchase on DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The Steelyard (2:09)
2. Hand On Your Gun (feat. Larry Crowley) (3:01)
3. Paperweight (2:24)
4. The Ark (2:15)
5. Curveballs (2:51)
6. The Florida Breaks (3:23)
7. Red Flags All Over the Place (4:24)
8. Moounting Concerns (2:47)
9. March of Nickels and Dimes (3:21)
10. Daylight’s Wasting (2:44)
11. A Fistful of Gravel (2:42)
12. Parting the Waters in Technicolor (3:32)
13. The Free Ark (1:12)
14. Man With No Plan (3:10)
15. Dirty Work (4:03)
16. Heads Up (1:30)
17. Throw a Rock (1:37)
18. An Honest to Gosh Actual Plan (6:47)
19. Threading the Needle (3:18)
20. Let’s Ride (1:44)
21. Like There’s No Tomorrow (2:27)
22. The Ark of Lilburn (3:18)
23. Hand On Your Gun (Instrumental) (3:01)