Anne Dudley (The Crying GameThe Full Monty, Poldark, American History XThe Hustle, Benedetta) is the composer of the new Acorn TV series Signora Volpe. The show is created by Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths and stars Emilia Fox, Tara Fitzgerald, Giovanni Cirfieran, Jamie Bamber and Mehdi Meskar. The drama revolves around a disillusioned British spy turned detective who heads off to visit her sister in Italy and becomes involved in a murder investigation when her sister’s daughter’s fiancé disappears and a dead body is found near his house. Cuperman, Griffiths & Fox are also executive producing the Route 24 production with Marc Samuelson (Wild, Me and Orson Welles), Josie Law (Guilty Hearts), Catherine Mackin (Agatha Raison, The Chelsea Detective) & Bea Tammer (Queens of Mystery) for Acorn Media Enterprises, as well as Dudi Appleton (The Most Fertile Man in Ireland) who also directed the first episode. Signora Volpe is premiering today exclusively on Acorn TV.

  1. Susan Awar says:

    Signora Volpe first episode was great. Beautiful scenery of Italy and very good story line. Enjoyable.

  2. Sato Kana says:

    At the very least, it is the most romantically scored and beautifully filmed whodunnit series to date. Three strong episodes that left me wanting more.