Anna Waronker (Yellowjackets, Shrill, Santa, Inc., Harriet the Spy, The Republic of Sarah) is scoring the new Showtime original series I Love That for You. The show is created by Vanessa Bayer & Jeremy Beiler and stars Bayer herself, Molly Shannon, Jenifer Lewis, Paul James, Ayden Mayeri, Matt Rogers and Punam Patel. The comedy is inspired by Bayer’s own story of overcoming childhood leukemia and centers on a woman who dreams of becoming a host at a home-shopping channel. Bayer & Beiler are also executive producing the project with showrunner Jessi Klein (Mrs. Fletcher), Annapurna’s Megan Ellison (Zero Dark Thirty, Her) & Sue Naegle (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Shirley), Semi-Formal’s Jordana Mollick (The Dropout, The Shrink Next Door), Allyce Ozarski (The L Word: Generation Q), as well as Michael Showalter (The Big Sick, The Eyes of Tammy Faye) who also directed the first episode. I Love That for You is premiering today on streaming and demand for all Showtime subscribers before making its on-air debut this Sunday, May 1 on Showtime.

Waronker also continues to score Fox’s Call Me Kat, which currently airs every Thursday in its second season. She is also expected to return to co-score the second season of Showtime’s Yellowjackets.

  1. Pamela Dyer says:

    Episode 3 #JoannaStrong – What’s the song Jordan sings at his show? And it’s also the closing song of the episode…
    Lyrics something like:
    She wore Doc Martens and a baby doll dress.
    Then we drove to the beach and her car was a mess.

    • Rose says:

      I could be wrong but I think its a song they wrote for the show. I think it was supposed to be a joke, like a fake 90s song. He said he sings 90s songs and doc martens and baby doll dresses were popular in the 90s 🙂

  2. Ken says:

    What is that is played during the closing credits for episode 3 #JoannaStrong
    Lyrics are: “She wore Doc Martens and a baby doll dress. Then we drove to the beach and her car was a mess.”

  3. cody says:

    What is the song with this lyrics:
    she wore doc martens
    and a baby doll dress
    Then we drove to the beach
    and her car was a mess

    I said I dont care where I’m sitting,girl
    as long as its next to you

    It was Jordan’s song

  4. Blake says:

    For anyone else coming here looking for the song. I got nothin. Been searching for a while and can’t find it. This page of people searching was all I could find.

  5. Chrissy says:

    Please tell me someone found this song! I can’t find it!

    • Todd says:

      I need that song in my life. I reminds me of the band “The Candy Butchers”.