Maisie Music Publishing will release a soundtrack album for the Netflix original docuseries Our Great National Parks. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by David Schweitzer (EmmaWonders of Life, Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, Four Hours at the Capitol, Inside North Korea’s Dynasty). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, April 13 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Our Great National Parks is executive produced and narrated by President Barack Obama and explores some of the planet’s most spectacular national parks and our changing relationship with wilderness. The 5-parter spans five continents, with each episode telling the story of a national park through the lives of its wildest residents. The Wild Space production will premiere tomorrow exclusively on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Our Great National Parks (3:11)
2. Loango (2:03)
3. Orca (1:28)
4. Sandgrouse (1:52)
5. Torres del Paine (Glaciers) (1:42)
6. Towards the Water (feat. Eurielle) (2:23)
7. Problems and Solutions (2:15)
8. The Rain at Last (feat. Eurielle) (2:37)
9. Sifaka Family (1:39)
10. Odyssey (Tsingy de Bemaraha) (3:24)
11. Monarch Butterflies (2:45)
12. Elephants (Tsavo) (feat. Eurielle) (2:42)
13. Feeding Frenzy (2:10)
14. A New Generation (2:29)
15. Hammerhead Worm (Leuser) (3:41)
16. Mzima Springs (1:47)
17. Pacific Waves (2:07)
18. Hanauma Bay (1:08)
19. First Flight (Condor) (2:52)
20. Great Barrier Reef (2:21)
21. Murmuration (Quelea) (2:21)
22. Yakushima (2:31)
23. Night Sky in Patagonia (feat. Eurielle) (2:21)
24. A World of Wonder (1:54)
25. Monterey (2:41)
26. Wild Spaces (feat. Eurielle) (2:22)