Joy Ngiaw has been hired to score the upcoming Netflix original film Rescued by Ruby. The movie is directed by Katt Shea (Poison Ivy, The Rage: Carrie 2) and stars Grant Gustin, Kaylah Zander, Camille Sullivan, Tom McBeath, Sharon Taylor and Eileen Pedde. The drama is based on a true story and centers on the relationship between a state trooper that dreams of joining the K-9 search and rescue team and a shelter dog who dreams of having a home, but is running out of hope. Karen Janszen (Dolphin Tale, A Walk to Remember) wrote the screenplay based on the short stories Ruby: A Dogwink Story & Dogwink Ruby. Dan Angel (The Open House) is producing the project for Fezziwig Studios, alongside Brian Gott and Jane Charles (Fat Kid Rules the World). Rescued by Ruby is expected to premiere in 2022 on Netflix.

Ngiaw’s previous scoring credits include this year’s Skydance Animation short Blush, for which she recently received a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination, Noviandra Santosa’s comedy feature June & Kopi and the Disney+ Short Circuit animated short Jing Hua.