Lakeshore Records will release the official soundtrack album for the comedy The Space Between. The album features the original songs from the movie written by Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) and performed by lead actor Kelsey Grammer and Cuomo himself. Also included is a track by Academy Award nominee Volker Bertelmann. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, June 18 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The Space Between is directed by Rachel Winter and stars Kelsey Grammer, Jackson White, Paris Jackson, Julia Goldani Telles, Andy Daly and William Fichtner. The movie is set in the 90s LA music scene and follows a young mailroom worker who is tasked with forcing an eccentric has-been rock musician out of his contract at his longtime record label. The comedy opened in select theaters earlier this year by Paramount Pictures and will be released tomorrow, June 15 on VOD.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Come with Me (feat. AWOLNATION) – Rivers Cuomo (4:06)
2. Little Do They Know – Kelsey Grammer (4:14)
3. Guiding Light – Kelsey Grammer (3:11)
4. I See Colors – Kelsey Grammer (3:47)
5. Still Dreaming – Kelsey Grammer (3:09)
6. Rogue Wave – Kelsey Grammer (4:44)
7. J is for Joy (Live) – Kelsey Grammer (3:22)
8. Alchemy – Volker Bertelmann (1:39)
9. Still Dreaming (Demo) – Rivers Cuomo (3:07)
10. I See Colors (Demo) – Rivers Cuomo (3:44)
11. J is for Joy (Demo) – Rivers Cuomo (3:08)