Arts & Crafts Productions has released a soundtrack EP for the horror thriller Bloodthirsty. The EP features four songs from the film written and performed by Lowell (who also co-wrote the movie’s screenplay). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and other digital music stores. Also listen to three of the tracks after the jump. Bloodthirsty is directed by Amelia Moses and stars Lauren Beatty, Greg Bryk, Katherine King So, Michael Ironside and Judith Buchan. The movie follows an indie singer whose music transformers after teaming up with a mysterious producer at his remote cabin, and is disturbed to find that so does her body and mind. The thriller is being released on VOD today by Brainstorm Media.

Here’s the track list of the EP:

1. Bloodthirsty (3:14)
2. Greta’s Song (2:32)
3. God Is A Fascist (3:48)
4. Lemonade (3:47)