Family Theater Productions and Grant Fonda Productions will release a soundtrack album for the documentary The House That Rob Built. The album features the film’s original score composed and conducted by Grant Fonda (Down the Fence, Pray: The Story of Patrick PeytonThe Perfect Rac) and will be released digitally this Friday, March 5. Visit Amazon to pre-order the soundtrack. The House That Rob Built is directed by Jonathan Cipiti & Megan Harrington and focuses on Coach Selvig who – in an era when gender discrimination in sports was the norm – built a “house” of inclusion and empowerment at the University of Montana by recruiting female athletes from ranches, farms and Native reservations. The documentary has just been released on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD last week by 1091 Pictures. Visit the official movie website for more details.

Here’s the album track list:

1. The House That Rob Built (2:22)
2. All I Dreamt About (1:36)
3. Play Like a Girl (3:29)
4. Title IX (2:58)
5. Identity (7:14)
6. Capitol of Basketball (1:32)
7. Psycho Coach (1:17)
8. Resilient (5:37)
9. Coach Dad (2:04)
10. The Most Intense Basketball You’ve Ever Seen (2:02)
11. Better (3:06)
12. Leann (1:50)
13. Wins and Losses (3:26)
14. The Bobcat Rivalry (1:32)
15. Grit and Hustle (1:34)
16. Montana Original (2:28)
17. Strong (8:56)