Composer Max Aruj (Crawl, iBoy, Warning Shot) is reteaming with director Eytan Rockaway on the upcoming biographical crime drama Lansky. The film is written and directed by Rockaway and stars Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington, AnnaSophia Robb, Jackie Cruz, Minka Kelly, John Magaro, David Cade, David James Elliot and Alon Aboutboul. The movie centers on infamous gangster Meyer Lansky, a contemporary of Bugsy Siegel, who enlists a young journalist to tell his story and is being investigated by the Feds who suspect he has stashed away millions of dollars over half a century. Robert Ogden Barnum (Margin Call, Miles Ahead), Jeff Hoffman, Eric Binns (Into the Ashes) and Lee Broda are producing the Voltage Pictures production. Aruj has previously collaborated with Rockaway on the director’s previous (and first) feature, The Abandoned. Lansky is expected to premiere later this year.

Aruj’s other recent projects include Louise Linton’s comedy Me You Madness, which has just been released on VOD last month by STXfilms.