Polymorph has released a soundtrack album for the period thriller Trail of Ashes. The album features the film’s original music composed by Manuel Vázquez Rivera ( Andrea y Lorenzo). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music stores. Trail of Ashes is co-written and directed by Arturo Lizardi and stars Héctor Escudero, Cecilia Arguelles, Arturo Lizardi, Jasmin Sanabria, Migdalia Rosario,and Carlos Miranda. The movie tells the story of two long lost brothers who grew up on opposite sides of a war and now must choose between family bonds and political alliances. The thriller was released in the U.S. on VOD this past December by Gravitas Ventures.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Blood and Ash (3:57)
2. Fly High and Straight (0:56)
3. Beneath the Ash (3:43)
4. Chance Is at Your Side (0:31)
5. The Scorpion’s Lair (2:04)
6. Royal Presence (2:09)
7. She Is Dead (1:08)
8. I Will Tell You What I Saw (2:11)
9. Birth (3:00)
10. Attack on the Palace (1:14)
11. He Can Endure It (0:56)
12. A Murder of Crows (2:59)
13. Royal Decree (2:58)
14. What More Do You Want? (2:35)
15. The Great Honor (3:05)
16. Who Was That? (2:41)
17. The Founder of the Empire (1:20)
18. I Won’t Do It (1:28)
19. Chosen by the Gods (1:58)
20. The Voices (2:32)
21. Look at Me (7:32)
22. The Heir (1:55)