Air-Edel Records has announced a soundtrack album for the HBO Europe original series Tuff Money (Bani Negri). The album features selections of the original music from the show composed by Zero VU (The Drifters, The Cockfields). The soundtrack will be released digitally this coming Friday, February 26. and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and other digital music stores. Tuff Money is written and directed by Daniel Sandu and stars Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota and Medeea Marinescu. The 6-part crime caper comedy revolves around two stoplight techs who joke about manipulating traffic to rob a bank’s armored van and end up having to go through with it. The Romanian series, which follows the two heroes as they struggle to reconcile moral fibre with self-preservation, premiered overseas last fall.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Tuff Money Featuring Victoria Beaumont
2. First Heist Rehearsal
3. Secrets and Lies
4. You’re Really Shameless
5. Second Heist Rehearsal
6. The Real Villains
7. Raining Money
8. Late For School
9. Kitchen Sex
10. A Car Full of Stolen Money
11. The Non Stop Bar
12. Crossing The Boarder
13. Burying The Loot
14. The Empty Nest
15. Returning The Loot
16. Ode To Corruption
17. Time Capsule
18. Comedy and Tragedy
19. Sittin’ On the Stoop
20. Nine Elephants on a Spider’s Web
21. The Captain Schools Doru
22. Searching The Birdcage
23. Countdown to Arrest
24. Ionel and Doru
25. Tuff Money Featuring Emanuela Alexa