A soundtrack album has been released for the Scottish romantic comedy Lost at Christmas. The album features the film’s original score composed by Stephen Wright, as well as two original songs written by the composer and others songs performed by John Condron and Randolph’s Leap. The soundtrack is now available digitally in the UK (check out the video after the jump for a preview). Lost at Christmas is co-written and directed by Ryan Hendrick and stars Natalie Clark, Kenny Boyle, Sylvester McCoy, Frazer Hines, Sanjeev Kohli, Clare Grogan, Caitlin Blackwood and Karen Bartke. The movie is set at the remote Scottish town of Fort William and follows two strangers whose life is turned upside down when they suddenly find themselves heartbroken, single and stranded, and team up to try and reach home 100 miles away to be with their families. The comedy was released in select theaters in the UK earlier this month and is now also available on most mainstream digital platforms.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Lost at Christmas (Main Titles) (2:23)
2. The Proposal ( (2:10)
3. Jen’s Surprise (1:40)
4. Procuring Transport (1:36)
5. Driving in the Highlands (2:25)
6. Trust Me (1:16)
7. Breathing Space (1:36)
8. Jen and Rob’s Christmas List (2:08)
9. All I Have is Frostbite (1:34)
10. Midnight Toast (1:39)
11. Goodnight Then (1:24)
12. Lost in the Forest (3:18)
13. Christmas Dinner (2:48)
14. Where We Need to Be (5:57)
15. Bonnie on the Clyde – John Condron (3:24)
16. Not Easy to Love – John Condron (2:54)
17. Christmas, Burn it All (feat. The Olive Grove All-Stars) – Randolph’s Leap (4:18)
18. Hello Mama – John Condron (3:19)
19. Lifeline (Live) – Natalie Clark (2:37)
20. Hang Me Oh Hang Me – John Condron (3:10)