Manners McDade has released a soundtrack album for the British documentary White Riot. The album features the film’s original score by Aisling Brouwer. Visit Amazon or any other digital music service to stream/download the soundtrack. White Riot is directed by Rubika Shah and explores how punk influenced politics in late-1970s. The movie centers on a motley crew of mavericks who band together with The Clash and other top punk bands of the day to create Britain’s biggest-ever civil rights movement, Rock Against Racism. The documentary premiered at last year’s BFI Film Festival and opened in select U.S. (virtual) theaters this fall by Film Movement and is now also available on VOD and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Britain Is Bust (1:31)
2. Rock Music’s Biggest Colonialist (2:16)
3. Mother Of The Empire (1:44)
4. Generations (1:57)
5. Vote NF (1:18)
6. Heavy Manners (1:59)
7. A Dangerous Affair (1:33)
8. Fascists Off Our Streets (4:51)
9. The Punk Front (1:41)
10. Northern Ireland (3:07)
11. Reveal The Swastika (1:30)
12. Dominoes (3:21)
13. Far From Over (2:08)

  1. William Fitch says:

    This is a magnificent documentary. It brings the time back to life. It’s impeccably constructed, and with such an ace soundtrack, it gets 8/10 from me.

    Sadly, it fails to mention that the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) were communists (Trotskyites if my memory serves me well), as is the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). And if you think fighting neo National Socialism (NAZI) with Communism isn’t jumping out of a frying pan and into a fire, then you seriously need to work on your political education.

    Also, it paints Britain in an all too familiar racist livery. If that were true, the NF would have been serious political contenders, but they weren’t, and they never have been. Their ugly mindset is available in any culture. RAR didn’t stop the NF being elected, the electorate did, and 99% of that electorate had nothing whatsoever to do with RAR.

    All that said, I supported them at the time, and still believe they did the right thing.