This past week, Alex Heffes (The Last King of Scotland, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, 11.22.63, Queen of Katwe, Touching the Void) has recorded his score for the upcoming giant screen documentary The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness. The movie is written and directed by IMAX producer Myles Connolly (Enchanted Kingdom) and nature photographer and cinematographer Florian Schulz and features the first-ever cinematic account of the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, situated in the northeastern corner of Alaska, the wildest place left in North America. The film follows Schulz as he tracks the Porcupine Caribou herd on the longest animal migration on earth, and witnesses pregnant female polar bears denning along the coastal plain. Walter Köhler & Wolfgang Knöpfler (The Ivory Game, Sea of Shadows) are producing the project for Terra Mater Factual Studios. Cosmic Pictures has picked up domestic distribution rights for The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness. No release date has been confirmed yet.

Heffes’ other recent projects also include the BBC series A Suitable Boy (co-scored with Anoushka Shankar), which currently airs in the UK Sunday nights and will also premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. He has also recently scored Scott Wiper’s thriller The Big Ugly, which is now available on VOD following its theatrical release last week, Kevin Wilmoot’s drama The 24th, which is set to be released on August 21, 2020 VOD by Vertical Entertainment, as well as Oliver Murray’s documentary Ronnie’s.