Karonte/Nuba Records have released a soundtrack album for the thriller Feedback. The album features the film’s original music composed by Sergio Moure de Oteyza (Extinction, The Body, KidnappedThesis on a Homicide). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Feedback is directed by Pedro C. Alonso and stars Eddie Marsan, Paul Anderson, Richard Brake and Ivana Baquero. The movie revolves around the star host of a successful late night radio show whose whole life takes a turn one night when two armed men burst into the studio and take him and his entire show hostage. The thriller was released in select U.S. theaters and on VOD this past January by Blue Fox Entertainment and is now also available on DVD.

Here’s the album track list:

1. London at Night (0:51)
2. She Is My Daughter (4:42)
3. Anthony Cries (1:06)
4. Open the Door (3:28)
5. Aggresion to Jarvis (1:11)
6. Julia (2:04)
7. Talk with a Listener (2:30)
8. They Hit Andrew (3:02)
9. Nothings Gonna Haven’t (1:43)
10. Lucille Brennan (4:36)
11. The Studio Burns (0:40)
12. I Remember (7:38)
13. Cell Phone (1:58)
14. The Flight of Jarvis (4:08)
15. Jarvis Speaks (4:19)
16. Trough the Halls (1:00)
17. Julia Is Leaving (1:45)
18. Feedback (2:27)
19. Feedback Credits (5:50)