Geko Films has released a soundtrack album for the French family fantasy adventure Simon’s Got a Gift (La dernière vie de Simon). The album features the film’s original music composed by Erwann Chandon (A Polar Year). The soundtrack is now available to download/stream on Amazon Music, where you can also check out the full track list and listen to audio samples. Simon’s Got a Gift is directed by Léo Karmann and stars Benjamin Voisin, Martin Karmann, Camille Claris, Nicolas Wancycki, Julie-Anne Roth, Albert Gefrier and Simon Susset. The movie follows a young orphan who can take on the appearance of the people he’s already touched. When his best friend dies in an accident, he decides to steal his place in his family. The drama will be released in French theaters this Wednesday, February 5.

  1. ygmmasta says:

    This score sounds so much like John Williams. And it’s also really good.