Escho has announced the world premiere soundtrack releases for Nicolas Winding Refn’s crime thrillers Pusher II and Pusher III, the second and third parts in the Pusher trilogy written and directed by the filmmaker. The albums feature the films’ original music composed by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed. Both soundtracks are now available digitally and on vinyl. Click here to stream/download the Pusher II soundtrack and click here for the Pusher III album. Vinyl editions are also available to order on Amazon (Pusher II and Pusher III). Pusher II starring Mads Mikkelsen, Leif Sylvester & Zlatko Burić opened in theaters in 2004 and Pusher III starring Burić, Marinela Dekić, Slavko Labović and Ilyas Agac was released in 2005. Both movies are now available in the U.S. on VOD and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the Pusher II soundtrack:

1. Theme from Pusher 2 (Remaster) – Peter Peter & Povl Kristian (1:38)
2. The Acoustics of Crime Revisited (Remaster) (feat. The Bleeder Group) (1:24)
3. Amber Green (Remaster) (feat. The Bleeder Group) (5:15)
4. Break In (feat. The Bleeder Group) (1:12)
5. Blood Theme (feat. The Bleeder Group) (2:03)
6. Spirit (feat. The Bleeder Group) (2:01)
7. A Bad Deal (feat. The Bleeder Group) (3:07)
8. Tonny’s Theme (Remaster) (feat. The Bleeder Group) (0:57)
9. Blood Theme, Pt. 2 (0:34)
10. Passing (feat. The Bleeder Group) (3:22)
11. Death Scene (feat. The Bleeder Group) (1:03)
12. Mind (3:16)
13. Breaking and Entering (feat. The Bleeder Group) (2:12)
14. Pride (feat. The Bleeder Group) (2:44)
15. Eyes (feat. The Bleeder Group) (2:56)
16. With Blood on My Hands (Remaster) (feat. The Bleeder Group) (7:58)
17. Final Blood (feat. The Bleeder Group) (1:47)

Here’s the track list of the Pusher III album:

1. Theme from Pusher 3 (Peter Peter & Povl Kristian) (0:53)
2. NA Meeting (0:51)
3. Milo’s Drive/Mike in the Basement (1:28)
4. Entrance (0:38)
5. China Grill (2:26)
6. Welcome (1:54)
7. Milo’s Walk/Milo’s Speech (3:21)
8. Alone in the Office (0:53)
9. Happy Birthday (1:21)
10. The Freezer (feat. The Texas Chain Saw Orchestra) (7:22)
11. In the Car (1:00)
12. Jeanette (1:54)
13. Back at the Club/Sad Strings (feat. The Texas Chain Saw Orchestra) (10:00)
14. Empty Pool Empty Heart (feat. The Texas Chain Saw Orchestra) (6:52)