Air-Edel Records has announced a soundtrack album for the Australian TV series Secret Bridesmaids’ Business. The album features the show’s original music composed by Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator, Whale Rider, The Insider, Ali) & James Orr (2:22, West of Sunshine). The soundtrack will be released digitally on November 4, 2019. Check back on this page for the purchase/streaming links. Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is directed by Tori Garrett & Jennifer Perrott and stars Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath, Georgina Haig, Alexander England, Dan Spielman, Oliver Ackland, Annie Jones and Nicholas Bell. The series is based on a stage play written by Elizabeth Coleman and revolves around a bride’s perfect wedding that turns deadly after one of her bridesmaids unknowingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives. The Seven Studios production premiered in Australia last month. No word yet on a domestic air date.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Vineyard
2. Ring String
3. Rare and Special
4. Goodnight
5. Family Life
6. The Usual Suspects
7. Courthouse Run
8. Elevator Music
9. Here for You
10. You’re a Liar
11. Soul Searching
12. Bedtime
13. Crash Aftermath
14. Nightcap
15. Not Really Sure
16. Turn off the Lights
17. Secret Business
18. Rachel Helps
19. Necklace
20. Bath
21. Trashed Apartment
22. Secret Stealing
23. Train Wreck
24. Loading Lesson
25. Nightmare
26. Wedding Day
27. Arriving at the Winery
28. Hairspray
29. Barrel Room
30. After Everything