The Orchard has released a soundtrack album for the dance movie High Strung Free Dance. The album features the songs from the movie by artists including lead actor Thomas Doherty, Ali Tomineek, Sam Bailey, Manuel Pacific, Sofi Tyler, among others. Also included are four tracks from the movie’s original score composed by Nathan Lanier (Jem & The Holograms, Max Steel, Justin Bieber’s Believe) who previously scored the original 2016 High Strung movie. The soundtrack is now available to download and stream on Amazon Music, where you can also check out audio samples. High Strung Free Dance is co-written and directed by Michael Damian and stars Thomas Doherty, Harry Jarvis, Juliet Doherty, Jane Seymour, Ace Bhatty and Desmond Richardson. The movie is being released in theaters this weekend by GVN Releasing. Visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Theme From Free Dance – Nathan Lanier (2:38)
2. Masterpiece – Thomas Doherty (4:15)
3. Level Up – Ali Tomineek (3:22)
4. Wonderful – Sam Bailey (3:49)
5. Hypnotized – Manuel Pacific (3:53)
6. Liar – Hooked Like Helen (3:44)
7. Hard as Nails – Moa (3:52)
8. Piano – Sofi Tyler (3:20)
9. Ok w Dat – Victoria La Mala (2:43)
10. Rebel Soul – Dree Mon (3:42)
11. Harder – Ali Tomineek (3:19)
12. No Turning Back – Har Up (3:18)
13. Higher – Freja (3:25)
14. Words – Chris O’Brien (3:31)
15. Surface Break – Hooked Like Helen (3:44)
16. Something or Nothing – Chris Rudd & Marcus Colbert (4:32)
17. Gymnostep – Wesley Steele (2:19)
18. Who Do You Think You Are (feat. Ali Tomineek) – Frailey (2:58)
19. Muse, I (Inspiration) – Nathan Lanier (3:06)
20. Muse, II (Deconstruction) – Nathan Lanier (3:46)
21. Muse, III (Transfiguration) – Nathan Lanier (6:04)

  1. Mehdu says:

    Itsvso good

  2. Stela Loryn says:

    In the movie, where they’re in the studio and he starts playing and calls that piece an “emotional modifier”, what piece of music is that?

  3. gift says:

    have you found out yet?

  4. Minniel says:

    Just where can i get a free mp3 download?

  5. Ashley says:

    Do y’all know that song that he played when he was mad when the lady asked him to play

    • candela says:

      found it, its prelude in C sharp minor by Rachmaninoff

  6. candela says:

    i was wondering that too, because I know some Spanish rappers that do a version of it, its called l’enfant terrible